More than just products, the secrets of the trade.

The semi-finished Giuso products for pastry and gelato are made with excellent quality raw materials. Exceptional ingredients, for preparing your success.

traditional Pastry

Discover our rich range of products to give shape to your stylish pastry preparations. Discover the products.

modern Pastry

Unleash your creativity and explore the new frontiers of sweetness, with our products for modern pastry making. Discover the products.


Discover our products for creating superb gelato and be inspired by unique and authentic flavours.

From the experience and know-how of the Group Casa Optima, of which Giuso Guido are part along with MEC3, Modecor Italiana and Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani, Casa Optima® was born, a prestigious didactic reality, unique in the world, entirely dedicated to “Sweet arts”: gelato, modern and traditional pastry, professional decorations and beverages.

the Club of Excellence

A high-level training project that involves artisan pastry and gelato chefs in a training course led by some of the greatest Master chefs and experts in the sector. A unique opportunity not only to learn and discover the secrets and techniques of the trade , but also to help you make a change in your business by studying issues such as the financial management of your business,

how to communicate and display products in the shop. A new edition, a calendar packed with appointments also in online and interactive versions, in an On-Demand format. Find out more, your professional growth is just a click away!


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