Sour Cherry

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Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry

Sour cherries have always been highly used in the confectionary and ice cream industries, making decorated products irresistible and delicious. Over the years we have developed a top quality and assorted range of semi-candied sour cherries. From the production standpoint, the initial part of the process is identical to the traditional candying one: accurately selected raw materials, candying cycle with the French method and natural syrup rendering. This is where the process differs: Giuso sour cherries are packaged in sealed cans after syrup is added with lower sugar content. Next they are subject to a pasteurisation process. This process grants exceptional organoleptic qualities to the product: the fruit remains soft and flavourful, markedly preserving its natural properties. Furthermore, thanks to its market knowledge, acquired over years of work with our master craftsmen, Giuso has added even more quality to its sour cherries by adapting them to specific ice cream and confectionary use needs.


Made with real sour cherries, soft, almost purple red, size 18/20 and characterised by 75% fruit content

Code: C2002052 Packaging: can Pack weight kg: 5.5 Nr. Packs per box: 2

Made with cherries to meet the demands of those who prefer a firmer and crunchier fruit. 75% fruit content.

Code: C2012052 Packaging: can Pack weight kg: 5,5 Nr. Packs per box: 2